Ordering and Delivery - Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services | Geriscript

With our multi-faceted availability system

medications are easy to order and always there when needed

Deliveries are reliable and prompt. We customize our twice daily delivery schedule to suit you, and provide an additional back-up pharmacy service. Emergency drug delivery is available around the clock.

On Site Dispensing

Our fully stocked, on-site dispensing systems ensure instant medication availability at all times.

  • Paperless Pharmacy

    Our electronic pharmacy systems provide e-prescribe capabilities that integrate with your existing systems. Our fully compliant and cutting edge EMR/EHR interface provides robust capabilities for managing orders and patients.

  • Real Time Order Tracking

    Our technology is makes ordering medication, e-prescriptions and prescription refills streamlined and efficient. Our automated order notifications enable you to keep track of your deliveries.

  • Backup Medications

    We have well-established relationships with regional pharmacies across the state area that are ready to back us up in case of emergency – such as inclement weather or a shortage of a specific medication.