Cost Containment - Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services | Geriscript

Geriscript provides inestimable added value with our strategic cost management system

We employ cost-containment tools on all levels to ensure maximum savings while keeping quality high.

  • Account Experts

    Drive costs down with our dedicated account team specialists who maintain close communications with you so they can manage, recommend and implement cost cutting strategies.

  • Dispensing Limits

    Regulate and reduce use of high cost prescriptions with our controlled quantity limits.

  • Cost-effective formulas/specialized formulary/Drug interchange

    Replace costly prescribed drugs with custom formulas developed by our expert geriatric specialists and physicians and identify therapeutic interchange opportunities to ensure successful outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

  • Split Billing

    Decrease costs at resident discharge with our automated Split Cost process that transfers costs of unconsumed medication to the third party payor.

  • Comprehensive Analytics/ Actionable Analytics

    Receive detailed daily, weekly or monthly reports evaluating pharmacy spend and utilization, analyzing cost containment performance and providing recommendations for improved cost efficiency.

  • Preferred Drug Use

    Lower costs by replacing unnecessarily expensive drugs with our generic and lower cost brand medication recommendations.

  • Pre-Admit Assessment

    Avoid unforeseen expenses with our initial medication and insurance coverage review on all new patients.

  • Reimbursement Specialists

    Cut staff responsibility by leaving all insurance claims, communications and prior authorizations to Geriscript professionals.

  • Part D Management

    Avoid non-covered charges and gain approval on previously denied claims with our team of experts and specialized technologies.