Medical Records - Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services | Geriscript

We are always available to help – be it to prepare for an upcoming survey or to train in new staff.

Our team of knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals

(pharmacists, nursing consultants, medical records experts, etc.) provides clinical support services to our clients and ensure regulatory compliance and expert care with our accredited education programs and consulting services.


Our integrated EMR technology provides ultimate accuracy, efficiency and instant, real-time access to each resident’s comprehensive medical history.

Eliminate handwritten changes and end-of-month med record reconciliation, saving an average of 40 hours per month.

Paper Medical Records

Geriscript Pharmacy’s sophisticated computerized system has the ability to generate Medical Records that can be customized to meet every facility’s needs.

These include forms like Physician’s Order Sheets, Medication Administration Records, Treatment Administration Records, Pain Flow Sheets, CNA Accountability Records, Behavior Monitoring Sheets, etc.

We also generate facility-specific Clinical Reports that assist facilities in their Quality Assurance Programs; e.g. Antibiotics; Psychoactive Medications; Diets; Pain Management; Restraints; etc. Our Medical Records Department consists of highly efficient and detail-oriented professionals who appreciate the fundamental element of “ease-of-use” when it comes to forms and reports.