We, at GERISCRIPT, understand how technology has overcome our day-to-day life. As a part of our commitment to always be ahead, we have contracted with Integra Group for implementation of their cutting edge software DocuTrack Document Imaging System. This system converts all inbound faxes and written prescriptions received in the pharmacy into electronic documents for easier viewing, faster processing, and electronic storage. This cutting edge technology reduces the turnaround time for our clientele as orders are instantly received by our computerized processing system. In addition, we are able to magnify and clarify the prescriptions on the computer screen and instantly fax back to the facility any further clarification that is needed.

Our clients and their residents will benefit from the impressive capabilities of GERISCRIPT’S Paperless Pharmacy.

  • Instantly access records and resolve customer issues in one phone call.
  • Eliminate hours of search time
  • Instantly track the person that signed for an order.
  • Link the pharmacy application to every document with one keystroke.
  • Easily search for documents by Rx#, patient ID, facility ID, or user defined fields.
  • Communication between employees and facilities improves significantly.
  • Instantly view drug interactions associated with faxed orders and patient records.
  • Improved resident safety through Pharmacist’s ability to immediately view faxed order images and resident records for potential drug interactions.
  • Reduce dispensing errors
  • Read more about Paperless, and Docutrack: www.integragroup.com/company